Lying in bed, first thing in the morning, I can feel fear coursing through my body. I breathe. The article is due today.

I think back to the moment, two days ago, when I started it. Put a title on a document that is still sitting on my computer, empty…

Sometimes in role playing games something mysterious and delightful happens. A story that no one designed or wrote, emerges, seemingly of its own accord, from the interactions between the players. Rather than playing through a prescribed story the players discover a story through play.

A group of people walk across a field towards the camera.
Hailey takes a selfie with the team at Amble Camp.

It was gaming experiences like these…

Part 3 of a series of reflections on my participation in the Practical Self-Management Intensive with Better Work Together. The focus this week was on deliberately developmental.

The Immunity to Change process has been profound. I thoroughly enjoyed the discomfort of discovering how comprehensively I sabotage my own desire to…

Kiri Bear

Artist, poet, facilitator, wild one - read my thoughts, work with me, playful collaboration

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